SteelSeries Comes Out With the StatTrak Mouse – Rival 700

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SteelSeries Rival 700

SteelSeries came out with the dankest meme of the year so far: SteelSeries Rival 700 which immediately got labeled “the StatTrak mouse” in the Counter-Strike community.

SteelSeries Rival 700 Introduced

The nickname is quite telling – Rival 700 is equipped with a fully customizable OLED display which can be used for accessing on-the-fly sensitivity settings, in-game statistics, button mapping, and personalizing. It also has a vibrating engine for various purposes.

SteelSeries Rival 700
SteelSeries Rival 700

Twitter reactions:

Only time will tell whether Rival 700 will actually be good or will it remain as a meme.

SteelSeries Rival 700 Specs


  • Material: Matte Top Cover
  • Ergonomic, Right-Handed
  • Grip Style: Palm, Claw, and Fingertip
  • Number of Buttons: 7
  • SteelSeries Switches: Rated for 30 Million Clicks
  • Reinforced Left and Right Clicks
  • Weight: 159g, 0.35lbs
  • Height: 124.85mm, 4.92in
  • Width: 68.46mm, 2.70 in
  • Depth: 41.97mm, 1.65in
  • Short cable length (non-braided): 1m, 3.28 ft
  • Long cable length (braided): 2m, 6.5 ft


  • Sensor Name: PixArt PMW3360
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • CPI: 100 to 16,000
  • IPS: 300
  • Acceleration: 50g
  • Polling Rate: 1 ms (1000 Hz)
  • Zero Hardware Acceleration
  • Tracking Accuracy: 1:1


  • Gamesense Support
  • OLED Display Customization
  • Tactile Alert Customization
  • SteelSeries Engine Support: SSE3
  • Multiple CPI Options
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Onboard Profile Storage
  • Acceleration Customization
  • Deceleration Customization
  • Color Options: 16.8 Million
  • Printable 3-D Nameplate
Source: SteelSeries