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What Is a Mouse Bungee and Why Do I Need One?

Mouse bungee is a cable management device designed to make your mouse movement action as smooth as possible. It eliminates cable dragging, twisting and wearing – familiar phenomena for pretty much anybody who ever uses a computer.

If you are doing anything that requires a lot of accurate mouse work like photo or video editing or play competitive games such as CS:GO, Call of Duty, Battlefield or Dota 2, you know that precision is everything. The tiniest malfunction caused by poor cable positioning can lead to an misplaced pixel or your crosshair jump over the opponents head just when you were about to nail it.

In recent times the wireless mouse technology has largely improved leading to their increased popularity among CS:GO players, but for us late adopters a mouse bungee is almost a must have.

If you still can’t understand how they work, see this video by former professional Counter-Strike player Joshua “steel” Nissan:

(the bungee he uses in the video is Tt eSports Galeru)

A device this trivial (an accessory of an accessory) might seem unnecessary, but we like to compare it to power steering in carsCan you drive a car without it? Sure. Is it as precise and comfortable than without it? No. A mouse bungee is definitely something you can live without but once get used to having one you are not too likely to stop using it. If you are an avid gamer or perhaps even an aspiring esports talent, doing graphical work or anything at all that requires you using your mouse a lot accurately you might want to keep on reading. If you are just an average computer user with average peripherals (not a particularly good mouse for example) you most likely can live without a mouse bungee.

Best Mouse Bungees Of 2019

NamePhotoUSB PortsWeightRating
COUGAR BunkerCougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee03 ounces10
BenQ ZOWIE CamadeBenQ ZOWIE Camade08.5 ounces9
Tt eSports GaleruTt eSports Galeru07.5 ounces9
Razer Mouse BungeeRazer Mouse Bungee07 ounces8
CM Storm SkorpionCM Storm Skorpion012 ounces7
Roccat ApuriRoccat Apuri417.6 ounces9.5
Airfox Gaming HubAirfox Gaming Hub316 ounces9
ENHANCE Mouse BungeeENHANCE Mouse Bungee47.5 ounces7

There are two types of options when it comes to cord management systems – plain mouse bungees and mouse bungees that simultaneously operate as USB hubs. It is up to you whether you want extra features such as the USB ports or LED lights with your bungee or not, but we believe that the USB hub versions are a dying breed that will be put in the category of short lived gaming gimmicks relatively soon.

Mouse Bungees

These being non-electronic devices that all serve the same purpose there is not too much to discuss about but they do have some differences. In case you can’t decide between two pick the one that pleases your eye the most – after all they all serve the same purpose.

Cougar Bunker
The Good
  • Takes up minimal desk space
  • Vacuum bottom works wonders
  • Very affordable
The Bad
  • Not suitable for extremely thick cables

COUGAR Gaming surprised us all with this ingenious little device called Bunker. No, you are not the only one asking yourself that what on earth is COUGAR Gaming. Their bungee weighs mere 85 grams (3 ounces) so how come it is positioned so high on our list? The answer is the ingenious part: it has a patented vacuum suction pad on the bottom which pretty much bolts the device on your table while taking up minimal desk space. It truly is the perfect option if you play games which require aggressive mouse movements. The only downside to it is that it won’t fit the thickest braided cords on the market (some Logitech gaming mice for example, but not all).

The Good
  • Simplistic design
  • Adjustable spring design
  • Adjustable cord holder for different cable thicknesses
  • Premium brand
The Bad
  • Premium brand comes with a premium price tag

BenQ ZOWIE on any gaming peripherals comparison is like an iPhone on a smartphone comparison, they just work and they have earned their place just by being so trustworthy. Not only does BenQ ZOWIE make killer gaming monitors, gaming mice, even mouse pads but also the only mouse bungee in their catalogue is a great one in it’s simplicity. The two adjustments (height of the cord holder and the rubber clip) are pretty much the only ones you need and the anti slip rubber feet at the bottom hold it well in place. Camade comes with no extra fancy features or design that would separate them from the rest but it will deliver you a trustworthy companion that functions just as you would expect for years to come.


The Good
  • Rubberized grip feet
  • Detachable cord holder
The Bad

    Tt eSports Galeru is fantastic in it’s simplicity. It is not the heaviest device on the market but the rubberized grip feet on the bottom are great. The cord holder or the “hook” is detachable which comes in handy if you are ever planning to play at a LAN party or even a tournament. Galeru is another model on the list which just has that premium feel to it – it is sturdy and the built-in quality is top notch.

    The Good
    • Detachable cord holder
    • Rubberized grip
    • Adaptive cord holder
    The Bad
    • Vulnerable legs when travelling

    The only major complaint we have with the Skorpion is in its design – the legs feel pretty vulnerable to damage if you want to pack the bungee with you when going out for a LAN or wherever. Otherwise it delivers as promised – iron core provides extreme stability and the adaptive cord holder works with all kinds of mouse cords.

    The Good
    • The most neutral, “office-like” look
    The Bad
    • Cord holder not detachable
    • Not suitable for thicker mouse cables

    Quite hilariously Razer earns its place on the list by simply having the most neutral or “office-like” look, even though it isn’t technically as refined as the more gaming oriented bungees on the list. If you are familiar with other Razer products you might know that such low-key design is not particularly expected of them. Even though it’s the simplest looking bungee on the list it still has a quality feel to it, none of that cheap plastic crap that some resellers try to sell.

    USB Hubs With Mouse Cable Holders

    The Good
    • 4x USB 2.0 ports
    • As smooth as it gets
    • Heavy and steady
    The Bad
    • Bit pricey if you don’t need the USB ports
    • Out of production

    Apuri is a Finnish word meaning a helper or an assistant and that is indeed what this device is. Apuri is more than just a mouse bungee, it is a USB hub with a built in mouse bungee. A USB hub literally within your hands is also something that you won’t miss before you have it – not having to crouch under my desk every time I have to plug in a camera or memory stick feels luxurious. The device has neat design with LED lighting and it is pretty much as sturdy as a mouse bungee gets. Roccat Apuri is overall one of the best devices on the list, but if you don’t need the additional luxuries there are cheaper options you might want to consider.

    The original Roccat Apuri has been replaced by Apuri Raw which has been stripped of the USB ports but we haven’t been able to test it yet.

    The Good
    • 3 USB 3.0 ports
    • LED lighting
    • Simplistic design
    • Price
    The Bad
    • Can’t control the color cycle
    • Feels a bit cheap

    Airfox is another company that immediately stirred up the “who?” feel in us but once we threw the prejudices in the bin we quickly realized that this hub is great. The USB 3.0 ports deliver staggering speed (transferring speed of 5 Gbps) and the design is stylish, none of that over-the-top MLG360-quick-scopeish (we are not 100% sure that this is a word, don’t use it in your school essays) aesthetics and the cord holder part works just as you would expect. The only thing that bugs us is the fact that you can’t set the LED lighting to a chosen color, the seven colors just cycle through. But they are rather dim so it’s not really that much of an issue.

    ENHANCE Mouse Bungee
    The Good
    • 4x USB 2.0 ports
    • LED lighting
    The Bad
    • Looks like a USB coffee maker
    • Feels cheap

    ENHANCE delivers the same features as Roccat Apuri but it lacks the sturdiness and the feel of quality that Apuri has, which is manifested in the light weight of the device (take into account that this is a USB hub too – some non-electrical models weight more than this one). Design-wise it looks like a mixture of some gadget from a scifi space movie and a USB coffee machine, but this is naturally a matter of personal preference. Some might like it but let’s just say that it does not please our eyes. But overall they both have the same scorpionlike cord holder design and as a mouse bungee it functions just as you would expect.

    Do-It-Yourself Cable Management

    Do-It-Yourself mouse bungee in action
    A DIY Bungee - In theory it works but it can be a pain in the long run

    Quite literally everyone who’s ever played computer games in their lives have done these in the past. Whether it’s tape, Blu-Tack or something heavy to hold your cable still – we’ve all been there. Yes, it prevents your cable from slipping from the table but this is not how real mouse bungees work. They are flexible so your mouse will almost feel like its wireless without having to deal with the downsides of an actual wireless mouse.Binding your cable to something is totally different from using a mouse bungee, see the video above if you don’t understand the idea.

    If you don’t even use tape your cord will move irritatingly choppy against the edge of your table and eventually wear the cable and possibly damage it. The situation is not as bad with a braided cord when it comes to potential damage but with usability it’s just the same – not good. Either you don’t get enough cord for big movements (like when you play CS:GO with a low sensitivity and use your whole mouse pad) or you have enough cord but it gets in the way when you move your mouse up on the mat. Both of these situations are far from ideal when you play competitively at a high level even though it might seem a bit unavailing for casual gamers or to people who don’t play games at all. But then again, formula drivers don’t ask advice from the average Joe about driving.

    In case you still want to try, here are some possibilites you might want to consider:

    A Monitor Tape

    xseven's signature DIY mouse bungee tape
    xseven (ENCE) with his signature DIY mouse bungee (photo credit: Dreamhack Masters Malmö)

    The one shown in the photo above. This only works if your monitor is close to your mousepad. Place your mouse on the bottom right corner of your mouse pad (assuming that you are right handed and your mouse pad is on your right), leave some extra cord (a few centimeters is enough) so that it isn’t too tight and tape the cord behind the lower right corner of your monitor.

    Table Tape

    The more common one. Once again, place your mouse on the bottom corner of your mouse pad, leave some extra and tape it on the top of your mouse pad. This is more likely to cause the mouse cord to get on your way when you move it to the top of your mouse pad. This is why mouse bungees lift the cord up.

    If you are wondering whether a mouse bungee is worth the money, think about the hours you spend on your computer in a day and then multiply it by 365. For us nerds it’s really a no-brainer.