Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee Review

Cougar Bunker review
Cougar Bunker review

Cougar Bunker is an excellent mouse bungee that comes with a great price. Unbeatable value for money.
Takes up minimal desk space
Patented vacuum botton works wonderfully
Not suitable for extremely thick cables

Cougar gaming CGR-XXNB-MB1 Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee
  • Keeps the mouse cord under total control
  • A powerful Vacuum (patented design) will keep it steady at all times
  • An ultra-compact base that won't take up much space
  • Its raised rubber arm is highly flexible, increasing its durability
  • Lightweight

COUGAR is another company that caught us off guard in our mouse bungee comparison. Unlike Airfox, though, this is an actual manufacturer that just had flown under our radar for some reason. They make all kinds of gaming gear ranging from mice to keyboards and headsets.

Cougar Bunker mouse bungee hooked up to a mouse

Bunker is their take on the mouse bungee business and oh boy what a take it is indeed. The patented design that they call the vacuum suction pad is something that’s not found on any other bungees on the market (duh, it is patented after all). Even though the usual rubber feet that you will find on mouse bungees provide enough traction to essentially most users and it is indeed the market default the vacuum is truly something else. If you are looking for a mouse bungee that will under no circumstance move on your desk then COUGAR Bunker is your obvious choice. You won’t find anything more reliable on the market. Not until somebody comes up with a model that you literally screw on your table to say the least.

The fact that COUGAR approached the matter of stability from a whole new perspective enables the Bunker to remain small in size, which is kind of revolutionary when it comes to bungees. Usually the bigger and heavier the device is the more stability it will give you. Bunker remains extremely portable (it weighs mere 85 grams, less than one fifth of Roccat Apuri’s weight) while remaining extremely steady. The cord holder part is a rubber arm like in most alternatives and this has proven to be the best solution – it enables great flexibility and durability.

If you are a low sensitivity CS:GO player we firmly believe that you should look no further when deciding upon a mouse bungee. The vacuum bottom makes sure that even when you are doing those 90 degree flickshots, rapidly moving your mouse from one end of your mouse pad to the other, the bungee remains unmoved.

Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee Review

Cougar Bunker is an excellent mouse bungee that comes with a great price. Unbeatable value for money.

Product Brand: Cougar Gaming

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Best Mouse Bungees 2020 [Complete Guide]

mouse bungees
mouse bungees

Choosing the best mouse bungee for your needs is quite simple, as these devices are not too sophisticated in nature. In this article we will guide you through these handy little devices and introduce some more commonly known DIY solutions that serve the same purpose – but are they as good as mouse bungees? You’ll find out in a bit.

PhotoMouse BungeeDetailsBuy on Amazon
Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse BungeeCOUGAR BunkerUSB Ports: 0
Weight: 3 ounces
Rating: 10
See details
BenQ ZOWIE CamadeBenQ ZOWIE CamadeUSB Ports: 0
Weight: 8.5 ounces
Rating: 9
See details
Tt eSports GaleruTt eSports GaleruUSB Ports: 0
Weight: 7.5 ounces
Rating: 9
See details
Razer Mouse BungeeRazer Mouse BungeeUSB Ports: 0
Weight: 7 ounces
Rating: 8
See details
CM Storm SkorpionCM Storm SkorpionUSB Ports: 0
Weight: 12 ounces
Rating: 7
See details
Roccat ApuriRoccat ApuriUSB Ports: 4
Weight: 17.6 ounces
Rating: 9.5
See details
Airfox Gaming HubAirfox Gaming HubUSB Ports: 3
Weight: 16 ounces
Rating: 9
Not available
ENHANCE Mouse BungeeENHANCE Mouse BungeeUSB Ports: 4
Weight: 7.5 ounces
Rating: 7
See details

What Is a Mouse Bungee?

Mouse bungee is a cable management device designed to make your mouse movement action as smooth as possible. It eliminates cable dragging, twisting and wearing – familiar phenomena for pretty much anybody who ever uses a computer.

Do I Need One?

If you are doing anything that requires a lot of accurate mouse work like photo or video editing or play competitive games such as CS:GO, Call of Duty, Battlefield or Dota 2, you know that precision is everything. The tiniest malfunction caused by poor cable positioning can lead to an misplaced pixel or your crosshair jump over the opponents head just when you were about to nail it.

In recent times the wireless mouse technology has largely improved leading to their increased popularity among CS:GO players, but for us late adopters a mouse bungee is almost a must have.

If you still can’t understand how they work, see this video by former professional Counter-Strike player Joshua “steel” Nissan:

A device this trivial (an accessory of an accessory) might seem unnecessary, but we like to compare it to power steering in cars.

Can you drive a car without it? Sure. Is it as precise and comfortable than without it? No.

A mouse bungee is definitely something you can live without but once get used to having one you are not too likely to stop using it.

If you are an avid gamer or perhaps even an aspiring esports talent, doing graphical work or anything at all that requires you using your mouse a lot accurately you might want to keep on reading.

If you are just an average computer user with average peripherals (not a particularly good mouse for example) you most likely can live without a mouse bungee.

Best Mouse Bungees Of 2020 - Our Picks

There are two types of options when it comes to cord management systems – plain mouse bungees and mouse bungees that simultaneously operate as USB hubs.

It is up to you whether you want extra features such as the USB ports or LED lights with your bungee or not, but we believe that the USB hub versions are a dying breed that will be put in the category of short lived gaming gimmicks relatively soon.

Mouse Bungees

These being non-electronic devices that all serve the same purpose there is not too much to discuss about but they do have some differences. In case you can’t decide between two pick the one that pleases your eye the most – after all they all serve the same purpose.

Cougar Bunker

COUGAR Gaming surprised us all with this ingenious little device called Bunker. No, you are not the only one asking yourself that what on earth is COUGAR Gaming.

Their bungee weighs mere 85 grams (3 ounces) so how come it is positioned so high on our list?

The answer is the ingenious part: it has a patented vacuum suction pad on the bottom which pretty much bolts the device on your table while taking up minimal desk space. It truly is the perfect option if you play games which require aggressive mouse movements.

The only downside to it is that it won’t fit the thickest braided cords on the market (some Logitech gaming mice for example, but not all).

Read our Cougar Bunker review.

  • Rating
  • Takes up minimal desk space
  • Vacuum bottom works wonderfully
  • Very affordable
  • Not suitable for extremely thick cables

BenQ ZOWIE Camade II

BenQ ZOWIE on any gaming peripherals comparison is like an iPhone on a smartphone comparison: 1) they just work and 2) they have earned their place just by being so trustworthy.

Not only does BenQ ZOWIE make killer gaming monitors, gaming mice, even mouse pads but also the only mouse bungee in their catalogue is a great one in it’s simplicity.

The two adjustments (height of the cord holder and the rubber clip) are pretty much the only ones you need and the anti slip rubber feet at the bottom hold it well in place.

Camade II comes with no extra fancy features or design that would separate them from the rest but it will deliver you a trustworthy companion that functions just as you would expect for years to come.

  • Rating
  • Simplistic design
  • Adjustable spring design
  • Adjustable cord holder for different cable thicknesses
  • Trusted brand
  • Trusted brand comes with a premium price tag

Razer Mouse Bungee v2

Quite hilariously Razer earns its place on the list by simply having the most neutral or “office-like” look, even though it isn’t technically as refined as the more gaming oriented bungees on the list.

If you are familiar with other Razer products you might know that such low-key design is not particularly expected of them. Even though it’s the simplest looking bungee on the list it still has a quality feel to it, none of that cheap plastic crap that some resellers try to sell.

  • Rating
  • The most neutral, "office-like" look
  • Rust resistant spring arm

    Thermaltake Tt esports Galeru

    Tt esports Galeru is fantastic in it’s simplicity. It is not the heaviest device on the market but the rubberized grip feet on the bottom are great. The cord holder or the “hook” is detachable which comes in handy if you are ever planning to play at a LAN party or even a tournament.

    Galeru is another model on the list which just has that premium feel to it – it is sturdy and the built-in quality is top notch.

    • Rating
    • Rubberized grip feet
    • Detachable cord holder
    • Shiny plastic finish is not the most visually pleasing

    CM Storm Skorpion

    The only major complaint we have with the Skorpion is in its design – the legs feel pretty vulnerable to damage if you want to pack the bungee with you when going out for a LAN or wherever.

    Otherwise it delivers as promised – iron core provides extreme stability and the adaptive cord holder works with all kinds of mouse cords.

    • Rating
    • Detachable cord holder
    • Rubberized grip
    • Adaptive cord holder
    • Vulnerable legs when travelling

    USB Hubs With Mouse Cable Holders

    Roccat Apuri

    Roccat Apuri

    Apuri is a Finnish word meaning a helper or an assistant and that is indeed what this device is. Apuri is more than just a mouse bungee, it is a USB hub with a built in mouse bungee.

    A USB hub literally within your hands is also something that you won’t miss before you have it – not having to crouch under my desk every time I have to plug in a camera or memory stick feels luxurious.

    The device has neat design with LED lighting and it is pretty much as sturdy as a mouse bungee gets. Roccat Apuri is overall one of the best devices on the list, but if you don’t need the additional luxuries there are cheaper options you might want to consider.

    The original Roccat Apuri has been replaced by Apuri Raw which has been stripped of the USB ports but we haven’t been able to test it yet.

    • Rating
    • 4x USB 2.0 ports
    • As smooth as it gets
    • Heavy and steady
    • Bit pricey if you don't need the USB ports
    • Out of production

    Airfox Gaming Hub

    Airfox Gaming Hub

    Airfox is another company that immediately stirred up the “who?” feel in us but once we threw the prejudices in the bin we quickly realized that this hub is great.

    The USB 3.0 ports deliver staggering speed (transferring speed of 5 Gbps) and the design is stylish, none of that over-the-top MLG360-quick-scopeish (we are not 100% sure that this is a word, don’t use it in your school essays) aesthetics and the cord holder part works just as you would expect.

    The only thing that bugs us is the fact that you can’t set the LED lighting to a chosen color, the seven colors just cycle through. But they are rather dim so it’s not really that much of an issue.

    • Rating
    • 3x USB 3.0 ports
    • LED lighting
    • Simplistic design
    • Price
    • Can't control the color cycle
    • Feels a bit cheap

    ENHANCE Mouse Bungee

    ENHANCE Mouse Bungee

    ENHANCE delivers the same features as Roccat Apuri but it lacks the sturdiness and the feel of quality that Apuri has, which is manifested in the light weight of the device (take into account that this is a USB hub too – some non-electrical models weight more than this one).

    Design-wise it looks like a mixture of some gadget from a scifi space movie and a USB coffee machine, but this is naturally a matter of personal preference. Some might like it but let’s just say that it does not please our eyes.

    Overall they both have the same scorpionlike cord holder design and as a mouse bungee it functions just as you would expect.

    • Rating
    • 4x USB 2.0 ports
    • LED lighting
    • Looks like a USB coffee maker
    • Feels cheap

    Do-It-Yourself Mouse Bungees

    Do-It-Yourself mouse bungee in action
    A DIY Bungee - In theory it works but it can be a pain in the long run

    Quite literally everyone who’s ever played computer games in their lives have done these in the past. Whether it’s tape, Blu-Tack or something heavy to hold your cable still – we’ve all been there.

    Yes, it prevents your cable from slipping from the table but this is not how real mouse bungees work.

    Mouse bungees have cord holders (“arms”) that are flexible so your mouse will almost feel like its wireless without having to deal with the downsides of an actual wireless mouse. Binding your cable to something is totally different from using a mouse bungee, see the video above if you don’t understand the idea.

    If you don’t even use tape your cord will move irritatingly choppy against the edge of your table and eventually wear the cable and possibly damage it.

    The situation is not as bad with a braided cord when it comes to potential damage but with usability it’s just the same – not good. Either you don’t get enough cord for big movements (like when you play CS:GO with a low sensitivity and use your whole mouse pad) or you have enough cord but it gets in the way when you move your mouse up on the mat.

    Both of these situations are far from ideal when you play competitively at a high level even though it might seem a bit unavailing for casual gamers or to people who don’t play games at all. But then again, formula drivers don’t ask advice from the average Joe about driving.

    In case you still want to try, here are some possibilites you might want to consider:

    A Monitor Tape

    xseven's signature DIY mouse bungee tape
    xseven (ENCE) with his signature DIY mouse bungee (photo credit: Dreamhack Masters Malmö)

    The one shown in the photo above. This only works if your monitor is close to your mousepad. Place your mouse on the bottom right corner of your mouse pad (assuming that you are right handed and your mouse pad is on your right), leave some extra cord (a few centimeters is enough) so that it isn’t too tight and tape the cord behind the lower right corner of your monitor.

    Table Tape

    The more common one. Once again, place your mouse on the bottom corner of your mouse pad, leave some extra and tape it on the top of your mouse pad. This is more likely to cause the mouse cord to get on your way when you move it to the top of your mouse pad. This is why mouse bungees lift the cord up.

    If you are wondering whether a mouse bungee is worth the money, think about the hours you spend on your computer in a day and then multiply the number by 365. For us nerds it’s really a no-brainer. Bungees are also a whole lot cheaper than keyboards and headsets for example, but we’d argue that they have a larger effect on your performance than the two mentioned.

    Best Mouse Pads For CS:GO [Ultimate Guide For 2020]

    best CS:GO mouse pads
    best CS:GO mouse pads
    Best Mouse Pad For CS:GO 2020
    • SteelSeries QcK Large Mouse Pad
    • BenQ ZOWIE G-SR Large Gaming Mouse Pad
    • Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mousepad
    • Razer Goliathus Control Large Mouse Pad
    • Corsair MM200 Medium Cloth Surface Mousepad
    • Xtrfy XG-GP2-L
    • Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad
    • Corsair Gaming MM400 Compact Edition High Speed Gaming Mouse Mat
    • Corsair MM600 Dual Sided Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad
    What’s the most used mouse pad by CS:GO pros?

    BenQ ZOWIE G-SR.

    According to our data, the most used mouse pads among CS:GO pros are:

    1. BenQ ZOWIE G-SR (30%)
    2. SteelSeries QcK Heavy (15.4%)
    3. Logitech G640 (10.8%)
    4. Razer GIGANTUS (9.2%)
    5. BenQ ZOWIE G-SR-SE (6.9%)

    Statistics are from the top 30 CS:GO teams in the world.

    What’s the most used mouse pad manufacturer by CS:GO pros?

    BenQ ZOWIE.

    1. BenQ ZOWIE (36.9%)
    2. SteelSeries (21.5%)
    3. Logitech (11.5%)
    4. Razer (11.5%)
    5. Other (18.5%)

    The data was gathered in January 2020 from multiple sources including various "pro gear" sites, Liquipedia, players' Twitter and Twitch accounts, always picking the most recently updated information.

    We briefly covered mouse pads in our ultimate guide about setting up and jumped into recommending SteelSeries QcK+ to anybody. If you are not interested in studying the subject any further, it is still your safest bet but due to popular demand we decided to give a little more insight on the subject.

    Mouse Pad Comparison Table

     Mouse padDetailsCheck on Amazon
    SteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries QcK LargeWidth: 17.7"
    Height: 15.7"
    Depth: 0.08"
    Surface: Soft
    See details
    SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries QcK HeavyWidth: 17.7"
    Height: 15.7"
    Depth: 0.2"
    Surface: Soft
    See details
    ZOWIE GS-RBenQ ZOWIE GS-RWidth: 18.9"
    Height: 15.7"
    Depth: 0.14"
    Surface: Soft
    See details
    Razer Goliathus Speed LargeRazer Goliathus Speed LargeWidth: 17.5"
    Height: 14"
    Depth: 0.1"
    Surface: Soft
    See details
    CORSAIR MM200 extended mouse padCorsair MM200Width: 36.6"
    Height: 11.8"
    Depth: 0.12"
    Surface: Soft
    See details
    Logitech G640Logitech G640Width: 18.11"
    Height: 15.75"
    Depth: 0.1"
    Surface: Soft
    See details
    Xtrfy XGP1-L4Xtrfy XGP1-L4Width: 18.1"
    Height: 15.75"
    Depth: 0.1"
    Surface: Soft
    See details
    Logitech G440Logitech G440Width: 13.39"
    Height: 11.03"
    Depth: 0.13"
    Surface: Hard
    See details
    Corsair MM400 StandardCorsair MM400 StandardWidth: 13.9"
    Height: 10.7"
    Depth: 0.08"
    Surface: Hard
    See details
    Corsair MM600Corsair MM600Width: 13.9"
    Height: 10.7"
    Depth: 0.2"
    Surface: Both (double-sided)
    See details

    Looking to upgrade your whole gaming setup? Remember to check out our guides about mice, monitors, gaming keyboards, headsets and best mouse bungees too!

    Best Mouse Pad For CS:GO 2020

    As you can tell by the comparison table the mouse pads we have picked are rather similar in size. This is the standard size pretty much all serious CS:GO players use – large enough for any “normal” sensitivity yet still small enough to fit in any setup.

    The size aspect is especially important for players who attend LAN tournaments as you want to have the same exact setup at both home and offline events. Thus using a full table sized mat (usually referred to as an extended mouse pad) is not ideal, but we will introduce a few of them also as they are getting more and more popular.

    Another criterion for getting placed on this list is being widely used among professional players. Of course the differences are quite minimal, so getting a “gaming” branded mouse pad might sound a bit geeky for newcomers, but if you are about to buy one why not go for the best? It is not like you are using your life savings on one anyway.

    SteelSeries QcK Large Mouse Pad

    SteelSeries QcK Large gaming mouse pad
    • Surface: Soft pad (cloth)
    • Size: 17.72 in x 15.75 in
    • Size (metric): 450 x 400 x 2 mm
    SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface - Large Cloth - Best Selling Mouse Pad of All Time - Optimized For Gaming Sensors - Maximum Control
    • The top choice of esports pros for nearly 20 years
    • Exclusive QcK micro woven cloth optimized for low and high DPI tracking movements
    • Non slip rubber base eliminates unwanted movement
    • The perfect size for fast paced and low DPI players who require extra space for sweeping mouse movements
    • 450 millimeter x 400 millimeter x 2 millimeter / 17.72 inch x 15.75 inch

    SteelSeries QcK Large (formerly known as QcK+) has become the go-to mouse pad among CS:GO players due to its unbeatable value for money ratio. BenQ ZOWIE G-SR has taken its place as the most used mouse pad by professional CS:GO players, but it costs double the price of the QcK Large.

    SteelSeries QcK Heavy  is a thicker version of the QcK. You can’t go wrong with either of these unless you know for sure that you want a hard pad. QcK Large is an excellent pick for anyone who’s starting out their journey as an aspiring CS:GO player, but the cloth surface and non slip rubber base are made of such high quality materials that this mousepad will last for years to come.

    I’ve had mine for about 6 years now and it’s still as good as new – even though there’s some minor wear that’s just visual. Whenever the QcK gets some spillage or whatever dirt on it, I just throw it in the washing machine and it comes out perfect.

    BenQ ZOWIE G-SR Large Gaming Mouse Pad

    BenQ ZOWIE G-SR mouse pad
    • Surface: Soft pad (cloth)
    • Size: 18.9 x 15.7 x 0.14 in
    • Size (metric): 480 x 400 x 3.5 mm
    Zowie Gear Large Gaming Mouse Pad (G-SR)
    • The smooth and even texture offers a consistent and comfortable glide
    • Newly designed rubber base offers increased stability on any surface
    • 100% Compatible with all types of mice
    • 480 x 400 x 3.5 mm/ 18.9 x 15.7 x 0.14 inch

    BenQ ZOWIE G-SR is slightly bigger in size but it’s more expensive than the SteelSeries QcK Large and Heavy. These three are the ones we recommend the most, but if you don’t like their design the rest of the list are just as great but a bit more expensive than the QcK Large and similar to GS-R.

    BenQ ZOWIE G-SR is the most trusted mouse pad among pro CS:GO players, possibly due to the fact that BenQ ZOWIE in general produces professional-grade gaming gear for esports gaming. It feels slightly faster than the QcK mouse pads.

    Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mousepad

    Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mousepad
    • Surface: Soft pad (cloth)
    • Size: 18.11 x 15.75 x 0.12 in
    • Size (metric): 460 x 400 x 3 mm
    Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mousepad - Black
    • Moderate surface friction surface gives the right amount of resistance to the mouse feet when starting or stopping a rapid or sudden movement common to low DPI gaming
    • Consistent surface texture provides the sensor the optimal imagery for translating mouse movement into cursor movement, an improvement over often inconsistent or dirty table or desk surfaces
    • Using a surface texture closest to the optimal testing environment, G640 gives gamers access to the get the fullest Logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and precision
    • Rubber surface helps keep the flexible surface in place and prevents the cloth from bunching up in front of the mouse and interfering with smooth mouse movement
    • Soft material improves comfort as the wrist moves back and forth across the mouse pad's edge

    Logitech G640 has an extra fluffy rubber base and a smooth soft cloth surface. It’s Logitech’s “flagship” mouse pad that they use when testing their gaming mice, so you can rest assured that if you have a Logitech gaming mouse the sensor will excel on this mousepad. Obviously it’s also great for any other gaming mice out there.

    Razer Goliathus Control Large Mouse Pad

    • Surface: Soft pad (cloth)
    • Size: 17.48 x 13.98 in
    • Size (metric): 444 x 355 mm
    Razer Goliathus Control (Large) Gaming Mousepad Gaming Mousepad: Medium Friction Mat - Anti-Slip Rubber Base - Portable Cloth Design - Anti-Fraying Stitched Frame - Fissure
    • The Razer Goliathus Control Edition provides the right amount of friction to your gaming mouse for absolute in-game accuracy
    • Optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors
    • Highly portable cloth-based design
    • Anti-fraying stitched frame with anti-slip rubber base
    • Heavily textured weave for precise mouse control

    Corsair MM200 Medium Cloth Surface Mousepad

    Corsair MM200 Medium Cloth Surface Mousepad
    • Surface: Soft pad (cloth)
    • Size: 14.10 x 11.8 x 0.1 in
    • Size (metric): 370 x 270 x 3 mm
    Corsair MM200 - Cloth Mouse Pad - High-Performance Mouse Pad Optimized for Gaming Sensors - Designed for Maximum Control - Medium, Black- Yellow Stripe, Model:CH-9000099-WW
    • Superior control: Textile-weave surface designed for pixel-precise targeting and low friction tracking
    • Accurate + Precise: Optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice
    • Zero slip: Anti-skid rubber base helps it stay securely in place
    • Comfortable: 360mm x 300mm x 2mm surface area

    Xtrfy XG-GP2-L

    Xtrfy XG-GP2-L
    • Surface: Soft pad (cloth)
    • Size: 18.11 x 15.7 x 0.16 in
    • Size (metric): 460 x 400 x 4 mm

    Xtrfy GP2 Large mouse pad has stitched edges for increased durability and it is machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius. Xtrfy is mainly known for their long-lasting partnership with their Swedish country men Ninjas In Pyjamas. They make great gaming gear for CS:GO players, but they tend to be a bit higher priced than their competitors.

    Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

    • Surface: Hard pad
    • Size: 13.39 x 11.00 x 0.12 in
    • Size (metric): 340 x 280 x 3 mm
    Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming
    • Low surface friction for high dpi gaming: Hard surface improves mouse and cursor control in high speed gaming
    • Consistent surface texture: Gives you greater tracking performance and aiming precision
    • Matched to logitech G sensors: The ideal surface, game lab tested to maximize logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and performance
    • Stable, rigid base: Rubber base keeps the pad in place during intense gaming action
    • Durable multi layer construction: Made to last with a hard tracking surface and strong polymer core

    Corsair Gaming MM400 Compact Edition High Speed Gaming Mouse Mat

    Corsair Gaming MM400 Compact Edition High Speed Gaming Mouse Mat
    • Surface: Hard pad
    • Size: 13.86 x 10.7 x 0.10 in
    • Size (metric): 352 x 272 x 2.5 mm
    Corsair Gaming MM400 Compact Edition High Speed Gaming Mouse Mat
    • Fast surface for fast gaming: the rigid polymer surface has outstanding glide characteristics for fast action
    • Optimized for gaming sensors - microscopic variances in the surface helps ensure consistent and precise tracking
    • Stable and secure - The 1.5mm non-slip natural rubber base prevents it from moving around your desk during intense gaming sessions
    • Excellent glide feel - the low-friction surface helps you move fast without sacrificing accuracy, and the base provides cushioning with just the right amount of give.

    Corsair MM600 Dual Sided Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad

    Corsair Gaming MM600
    • Surface: Hard pad
    • Size: 14.20 x 10.70 x 0.20 in
    • Size (metric): 352 x 272 x 2.5 mm
    Corsair Gaming MM600 Double-Sided Aluminum Core Gaming Mouse Mat (CH-9000084-WW)
    • Sturdy aluminum structure - Firm and durable for consistently steady glide and long life.
    • Two unique surfaces - Low-friction and high-control options to match any gaming style.
    • Expert-grade tracking - Precision engineering ensures reliably accurate tracking and power.
    • Non-slip rubberized corners - Designed for exceptional grip with minimal interference

    Corsair MM600 promises to deliver the best of both worlds with it’s dual-sided design but in reality the “soft” side of it is not as soft as the real soft pads on the list as both sides are made of polymer. It still is a decent choice if you are still looking for that perfect touch.

    Best Extended Mouse Pads - The Bigger The Better?

    SteelSeries QcK XXL

    If you want to get fancy you might want to consider an XXL or extended mouse pad or mouse mat as they tend to be called.

    These are meant to be under both your keyboard and mouse, providing a consistent surface for the whole front of your desk. Whether this is actually even useful is quite dubious to say the least, but some people like it just for the aesthetics. By no means is an extended mouse pad necessary for CS:GO however – you couldn’t even fit one into 90% of the LAN events.

    If you want to go full MICHU (he plays at 312 truesens which is ridiculously low) you might get some small benefit out of want – provided that you have gigantic mouse space on your desk.

    CS:GO Pro Mouse Pad Statistics

    Infographic about most used mouse pads by professional CS:GO players

    What’s the most used mouse pad by CS:GO pros? BenQ ZOWIE G-SR.

    According to our data, the most used mouse pads among CS:GO pros are:

    1. BenQ ZOWIE G-SR  (30%)
    2. SteelSeries QcK Heavy  (15.4%)
    3. Logitech G640  (10.8%)
    4. Razer Gigantus  (9.2%)
    5. BenQ ZOWIE G-SR-SE  (6.9%)

    Statistics are from the top 30 CS:GO teams in the world.

    Most Used Gaming Mouse Pad Manufacturers

    What’s the most used mouse pad manufacturer by CS:GO pros? BenQ ZOWIE.

    1. BenQ ZOWIE (36.9%)
    2. SteelSeries (21.5%)
    3. Logitech (11.5%)
    4. Razer (11.5%)
    5. Other (18.5%)

    The data was gathered in January 2020 from multiple sources including various “pro gear” sites, Liquipedia, players’ Twitter and Twitch accounts, always picking the most recently updated information. For all players in the top 30 teams mouse pad information was not available, hence the total number of entries is 130 instead of 150 (30*5).

    Over the recent years there has been a noticeable shift in CS:GO pro mouse pads: BenQ ZOWIE and SteelSeries have swapped places. When this article was originally published SteelSeries was the most used mouse pad brand (33% share) among pro CS:GO players, Zowie being second with a share of 24.5%. 

    Which Mouse Pad Should I Get?

    Obviously no one can outright answer this question for you. It’s like someone telling you if you should get cotton or silk boxers.

    However, there is one aspect that the newcomers to the game too often neglect: size. This is purely because they are not familiar with how games that require extreme precision are played: at low sensitivity.

    Low sensitivity is of course a very subjective measure but compared to vast majority of people – who play games casually (if they play at all) and are not comfortable with having to move their mouse a lot while playing – almost every pro players’ sensitivity would be considered as low.

    The mats we are about to introduce to you are gaming mouse pads and the viewpoint we have on the subject is focused on competitive FPS games which require extreme mouse precision.

    However, we are fairly certain that there is no better purpose for benchmarking mouse pads than professional gaming (CS:GO in this case) – these gaming mouse mats are also perfect for any other purpose such as doing graphical work that requires mouse precision. If you have stumbled upon this article and your needs are somewhere else than performing well at CS:GO, you can rest assured that all of the products we are about to introduce feature the basics like non slip / rubber base bottoms.

    What you won’t find below are the office worker gimmicks like ergonomic wrist rests or wrist pads, and you are more than likely to be surprised by the large size of these.

    Hard Pad or Soft Pad?

    Soft pad

    A mouse pad with soft fabric on top, smooth surface, slower to move mouse around

    Hard pad

    A mouse pad with hard plastic surface on top, faster to move mouse around

    These are pretty self-explanatory: on a hard pad your mouse will move faster and vice versa.

    Whichever suits you better is something you will have to test out for yourself but in general vast majority of good players tend to use soft mats. Personally I think they give you a better feel and precision on your mouse movements. There are some variations in the cloth that soft pads are made of, but the differences between these are best measured by your own hand and mouse.

    If you’ve never laid your hands on an actual gaming mouse pad, the chances are you have never even tried a soft pad as the majority of your average office and home mouse pads are hard.

    How to Set Up Like a Pro Gamer – Pro Gaming Setup Guide

    csgo pro setup
    csgo pro setup

    Before you even start thinking about what gear you might need you need to have an overall idea of what makes of a good gaming setup – and by gaming we mean competitive gaming. This guide is not necessarily ideal for those who are looking to get comfy while searching for bottle caps in the virtual wastelands with a retarded dog. But if you are going for that precious Global Elite or even further pursuing an esports career this is where you should start. Or if you are just looking for gaming setup ideas in general this is a good framework to build around to.

    As you keep on reading this you might think to yourself if this guide applies to other games than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and the answer is yes. The thing is, CSGO and its predecessors (CS 1.6 and CS: Source) have always been the most extreme competitive games out there. Counter-Strike is all about the accuracy and the millisecond fast reactions. So yes, the gear we are about to introduce will be completely suitable for other competitive games like Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty and so on. The only exception would be MMORPG games like World of Warcraft where you might want to prioritize more mouse buttons for macros over the ultimate precision and feel.

    Complete Guide For Building Your Gaming Setup

    Example of a bad setup for gaming
    The perfect setup... for writing pretentious blog posts about superficial stuff
    A setup that is too cramped for gaming
    The perfect gaming setup... for ants

    This is what you might think of when someone says “a desktop” or “pc”. The first setup is indeed very nice, clean looking and definitely a pleasure for the eye. That setup might be ideal for graphic design, editing and such but it is nowhere near even usable in the way we look at things. The thing is, for some people their computer setups are a part of nice decoration, not an environment that allows you to train yourself into a headshot machine. The second picture shows a setup that everyone has seen at someones home: the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and even the speakers are all from the same box and the mousepad was given as a freebie at a trade fair in 1999.

    This is more like how your gaming setup should look like. If you are new to competitive gaming you might not spot the differences so easily – there is a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard in both types of setups after all so whats all the fuss about? Well, this kind of thinking is like comparing a Volkswagen Passat to a Lamborghini Aventador. They both have four wheels, an engine and front lights, right?

    Let us break down what you should see here.

    Five Step Guide to Building Your Gaming Setup

    1) Allow enough space for your mouse

    …and of course get a mousepad large enough to cover as much as possible of that space. You might think that you don’t need all that space but believe me: you can never have too much mouse space. At Counter-Strike accuracy is everything so you want to set your mouse sensitivity somewhere around 2 at 400 dpi (a very rough generalization).

    Soft Pad or Hard Pad?

    Obviously there is no single best mousepad for CS:GO or games in general. Generally you could say that on hard pads your mouse moves a bit faster than on soft pads but this has some variables to it. Different mice move differently on same pads and not all hard or soft pads are made of the same material.

    It is impossible to know that which type suits you the best without trying out different surfaces but I would unconditionally recommend SteelSeries QcK+ to anybody. It is the standard size (450x400x2mm / 17.7 x 15.7 x 0.1 in) for any “normal” sensitivity players allowing you to flick your mouse for those neat 180’s. To learn more about mouse pads see our mouse pad buying guide.

    Some people even use both – Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, a former professional player for teams such as Cloud9, used a hard pad on top of a soft pad “to keep it consistent” as he puts it.

    2) Gaming Mouse

    This one is pretty obvious. A mouse for a CS player is what a scalpel is to a surgeon. A device that needs to function at the highest level possible whenever it is used. A malfunction of a millisecond could lead to a dead patient or a lost match. This is why you want your mouse to be wired, though as technology has evolved there are wireless options available if you have to compromise. It also has to fit perfectly in your hand for the operation to be as successful as possible. For more detailed info about gaming mice see our guide about the best mice for CS:GO. You might even want to consider getting a mouse bungee if you want to go hardcore.

    Finding Your Sensitivity

    There are lots of videos on Youtube explaining methods to do this, but if you don’t feel like opening a calculator I have a much simpler method for you. This is based on knowledge about pro players’ sensitivities and my personal experience as I have played with both super high and low sensitivities over the years.

    1. Set your true sens at 800 (400 dpi & 2 in-game or 800 dpi and 1 in-game etc)
    2. Play a game or two and feel it out
    3. Increase or decrease the in-game sensitivity by 0.5 depending on how you feel
    4. Play a game or two and test it out
    5. Start fine tuning it to perfection
    6. After around 3000 hours you may or may have not found your perfect sensitivity

    You might think that this is some kind of a joke but it really isn’t. I just disagree with those “find your perfect sensitivity” videos. There is no such thing as a perfect sensitivity. Even pro players change their settings every now and then.

    If you like to play aggressive like an entry fragger you might want to have a high sensitivity as you are the one clearing all corners. If you play more passive and like to hold angles then you might want to have a lower sensitivity. It’s all preference and it changes over time.

    The only settings you should worry about as a beginner are m_rawinput 1 or at least setting your Windows sensitivity at 6/11Raw_input bypasses any Windows settings on your mouse so you don’t necessarily need both. What this setting also does is that it disables your in-game mouse acceleration settings, which are bad for beginners in terms of building muscle memory.

    If you want to see other methods, I would recommend beginning with the one by adreN (formerly of Team Liquid).

    DPI: dots per inch, the higher it is the faster your cursor moves

    In-game sensitivity: a value you set in CS:GO

    True sens: DPI x in-game sens

    Mouse acceleration: in short, you turn a wider angle in-game when you move your mouse at a faster speed. So if you move your mouse for, say, 30 centimeters at a slow speed you might turn 30 degrees. If you do it with a higher speed you might turn 90 degrees. NOTE: the numbers here are purely hypothetical to keep it simple.

    3) Monitor with high refresh rate

    As of 2020 this means at least 144 hertz. Regular or even high-end monitors made for graphic design or video editors run at 60 Hz. These numbers tell you how many frames per second the monitor will show you. So at 144 Hz you see 144 images in a second and so on. The higher the number the smoother the game will look and feel. A 144 Hz monitor is something you do want to consider even if you are a casual gamer – you just have to see the difference with your own eyes and once you see it there is no going back.

    See this short video for a comparison between 60 hertz and 144 hertz:

    Refresh Rate and Response Time - Do They Really Matter?

    Yes, yes and yes. In a game like CS:GO where you can either win or lose in a time span of milliseconds, they do. Having a quality gaming monitor won’t improve your reactions but it will enable you to utilize your full potential not only in terms of reflex shots but it makes tracing (moving your crosshair on a moving opponent) and spraying feel so much better when the action on your screen is smoother.

    For more about monitors see our article about best gaming monitors.

    4) Proper headset or headphones

    “Oh my god what are you doing you HEARD him go there” – if you tend to hear this a lot from your teammates it is probably a good time to get a proper headset. Personally I would recommend getting quality headphones made for music listeners but from my experience most gamers prefer headsets (headphones with a microphone). This is all preference – for me the decision was easy as whenever I am not playing CS I listen to music (and my taste in music is really broad unlike most gamers *cough* dubstep *cough*).

    5) Quality keyboard

    This one does not necessarily apply to gaming in general but for Counter-Strike it does. Understanding and learning the sophisticated movement mechanics of the game are pretty much integral on your path to mastering the game and if you want to be as fluid as possible a mechanical keyboard is definitely worth the money. It won’t make you a bunnyhopping god but it certainly helps you to get the feel that you need when you start practising. I would also recommend buying a mechanical keyboard if you do a lot of writing for school or work. If you are looking for a perfect gaming keyboard check out our keyboard buying guide.

    Setting Up Your PC and CS:GO Properly

    For this part I suggest reading Delta’s superb guide from Steam Community Guides as it covers pretty much every aspect: Tweak Your PC For Competitive CS:GO.